2021 CLIL/EMI Teacher Training Course

2021 年 12 月 29 日 國際事務處

Aiming to build a bilingual and international campus, in year 2021, a group of our faculty took part in CLIL/EMI teacher training courses taught by professional from our partner in Canada, Humber College, for a total of 16 weeks. Certificates were awarded to 12 of them for successful completion:

  1. Ping-Yin Lin
  2. Heng-Yu Chang
  3. Chigin Chen
  4. Shang-Fu Tsai
  5. BinVa Chang
  6. Chin-Fa Hwang
  7. Hsing-Hui Lin
  8. Ya-Min Chuang
  9. Ciwas Pawan
  10. Tiger Tien
  11. Hsuan-Pei Ho
  12. Hung-Chih Chang